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“Hi, I’m Quiana – YOUR EMPRESS. Beyond being the boss, I’m a passionate storyteller with a fire in my belly. Here, I’ll be creatively expressing myself through my Qisma Speaks Platform. In Sha Allah. God bless you, and I hope you enjoy the ride!”


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Comprehensive International Branding Partners. – we’re your partners in turning ideas into reality. From Brand Protection to Design, Photography, Website Creation, Digital Marketing, and even Funding Solutions, we offer a complete spectrum of services that guide your business journey from inception to flourishing existence.




Qisma Digital Agency

I'm Quiana


Owner of Qisma Photography. I specialize in Professional Editorial and Lifestyle Editorial photography. I am a graphic artist, a mom of four, and a fierce supporter of the everyday entrepreneur. During the pandemic, I took up photography as a new form of artistic expression. I fell in love with this craft right away, but what I loved the most was interacting with my clients and consistently learning. I can’t wait to meet you.

Qisma Photography

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QismaIP is a leading intellectual property (IP) protection agency dedicated to safeguarding the innovative ideas and hard-earned success of businesses like yours. Our team of experienced specialist offers a comprehensive range of services, from business formation to NFT protection, ensuring your intellectual property is secured and ready for growth.

Qisma Intellectual Property

I'm Quiana


Hey there, beautiful souls! Qisma here, your guide to unlocking your full potential. The name “Qisma” comes from the Arabic word for “Faith,” which means “destiny.” And guess what? Your destiny is designed for triumph!

Qisma Speaks

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